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You have goals, we help you align your people to achieve them. We specialize in organizational sustainment, leader development, employee engagement, cultural adaptability, change management, and organizational design.

We Believe

That each person, in every organization, should be valued and invested in, to create a sustainable organizational resource for enduring economic performance.

Five Echos

Our Values: or “Five Echoes” should reverberate wherever we are; they sustain who we are and reinforce themselves through:

Deep commitment to understanding and fulfilling our CUSTOMER’S needs, wants and values.


Unwavering promise to sustain, develop, and care for our PEOPLE

Habitual and disruptive INNOVATION, experimentation, and continual learning

Passion for incredible LEADERSHIP at all levels

Compulsion for sustainable GROWTH

Our Vision

To be the world’s most thoughtful and compassionate organizational development consulting firm; a firm that joins our clients in their difficulties, sees the world through their eyes, and imparts the best of ourselves to help our clients realize their aspirations.

We offer a wide range of Organizational Development Solutions:

Organizational Sustainment

Organizations should be a sustainable resource. This includes their people and leaders. We help you increase organizational sustainability through leader engagement, cultural analysis, and proven implementation methods.

Leader Development

Great leaders drive performance, make organizational change and increase market adaptability. Through coaching, training, and facilitation we can help you create systemically focused leaders that can balance the people and production needs of the organizations.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is highly correlated with market performance. Engaged employees are more productive, mission connected, and fulfilled. We know how to take your engagement from survey to action through statistically proven methodologies.

Cultural Adaptability

Adaptive cultures consistently outperform their non adaptive peers. We can give you a detailed analysis on what parts of your culture are driving and inhibiting market adaption with concrete ways to make lasting improvements.

Change Management

Managing change effectively is a competitive advantage. We will help you manage your individual changes but we also understand you have a vast portfolio of change initiatives. We will help you understand and manage your change landscape increasing your likelihood of success.

Organizational Design

How you are structured can make or break a strategy. We will help you optimize your organizational design so it responsive to the external environment and meets internal operational needs.

About Me

I founded Echo Five Group because I believe in a future where people thrive in any organizational context, benefiting the individual and the organization. Organizations cannot do this alone. Echo Five Group’s core philosophy is based on my Master’s Thesis in Organizational Psychology and Columbia University. Our Five Echoes are a result of that extensive research on what drives long-term organizational sustainability. I believe we can build a sustainable consulting organization that, in turn, imparts the best of ourselves to our clients simultaneously increasing their performance and sustainability. I am committed to do this in innovative and client focused ways. We are here for you, please join us on this journey.

John Kinsler, Founder and CEO


Echo Five Group is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Echo Five is our founder’s Marine Corps call sign.

The Echo Five Group is providing top notch research and advice to the Office of the Secretary for Defense which gives the government a deeper understanding of effective options to optimize staffing and manpower for joint and total force program management.  I look forward to ongoing partnerships with the Echo Five Group. I just wanted to thank you for the high quality work that you are doing.  Your attention to detail and expertise in change management has been vital to the success of DOD’s program oversight.  Thank you for your dedication and thoughtful insights; we couldn’t do this without the Echo Five Group.

Stephanie Yingling

LMI Engagement Leader

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